Fire detection tile

Generate a slippy map XYZ fire detection raster tile for a given Sentinel-2 scene. Tiles are 256x256 pixels. Band combination used is FIDET formula (see Name Aliases). Second scene for comparison is determined automatically; if there is no suitable scene, transparent tiles are returned. Forestry cover mask is applied - pixels that don’t contain trees are made transparent.

Fire detection API

GET /(view_id)/PR_FD/(z)/(x)/(y)
  • view_id – View id of a scene retrieved from the Search API; supports only for S2
  • z – zoom level
  • x – tile grid x coordinate
  • y – tile grid y coordinate
Query Parameters:
  • api_key – (required) user’s API key


Sentinel-2 fire detection


GET /api/render/S2/29/T/NE/2017/7/4/0/PR_FD/9/244/192?api_key=XXX HTTP/1.1


curl -i ''